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RSU "State National Natural Park" "Kokshetau"

Forest protection measures

One of the factors of forest conservation is the timely implementation of measures to protect it. The most important section of this work is preventive measures, which include the construction of nesting sites and the creation of favorable conditions for nesting birds that feed on insects and their larvae. About 300 nests are made and hung annually in the park in places that are most favorable for the reproduction of forest pests. Similarly, work is being carried out on the settlement and enclosure of anthills.
In order to predict the number of harmful insects, a visual forest pathology survey is carried out and pits are laid to determine the number of clutches, pupae in the forest floor and soil.
Work is being carried out on sanitary cleaning of forests, including clearing the forest from clutter: by removing this wood, we reduce both the infectious level in the forests and the fire danger, and the aesthetic condition of the forests increases.

Tourism and Recreation

Tourism zhane Rekreatsiyan National Park has 22 hiking trails (routes), including:

  • 7 hiking trails (2 by car, including 1 snowmobile, 2 combined, 3 water);
  • 15 hiking trails (10 hiking, 3 cycling. 2 horse).
    All trails (routes) have passports.
    The total length of the Hiking paths (routes) in both directions is 639,3 km, including: routes car is 325 km and the combined is 122 km, water – 22.8 km, Hiking paths – of 122.3 km, Cycling is 34.2 km, horse – 13 km
    In 2019 in the register of tourist trails (trails) is amended:
  • by the orders of the Committee of Forestry and Wildlife of 26.02.2019 No. 17-5-6 – /45 and of 26.09.2019 No. 17-5-6/44, passports of 9 new tourist trails and routes were approved, including: 3 routes (1 automobile, 1 combined, 1 water) and 6 trails (2 hiking, 3 cycling, 2 equestrian);
  • by the order of the Committee of Forestry and Wildlife of 28.02.2019

Rare plant species

On the territories of the State National Natural Park “Kokshetau”, 36 species of boreal flora belonging to 30 genera have been recorded. Most of them are rare and endangered species in need of protection. In wet-wet pine forests with an admixture of birch noted the abundance of relict flora components such as: small Wintergreen (Pyrola minor L.), round-leaved Wintergreen (Pyrola rotundifolia L.), selenocosmia Wintergreen (Pyrola chlorantha Sw.), average Wintergreen (Pyrola media Sw.), ortilia sided (Orthilia secunda (L.) House), male fern (Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Schott) and rare species umbellate Wintergreen (Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W. P. C. Barton.), adecuada flowered (Moneses uniflora (L.) A. Gray.) Along the cracks of the rocks there are ferns-common millipede (Polypodium vulgare L.), common holocarpus (Gymnocarpium dryopteris (L.) Newman), Elbe woodsia (Woodsia ilvensis (L.) R. Br.), brittle pemphigus (Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh).